Digital Marketing

“Bringing the power of optimized internet advertising to everyone”

Our Pay-for-Performance Digital Marketing model means there is no risk to you and you only pay for results.

  • We optimize your products feed to maximize performance
  • We promote our products everywhere
  • We engage several industry leading digital marketing strategies
  • We charge a percentage of sales generated by the ads
  • There are no upfront fees! You get the sales right away, too.

How does it work?

  • We assess your current environment and your competition and provide you with a quote, in most case a percentage of transactions generated through our efforts (i.e.: not from direct sales such as SEO or your current email marketing campaigns, but just sales resulting from our ads)
  • We build and optimize your products feed for optimum results
  • We install our tracking software on your site if you don’t have the IT staff to do so
  • We provide you with access to our dashboard to ensure transparency for all transactions generated by our ads, including your order number, transaction amount, and source of the ads generating the sales
  • We optimize daily the different channels using both automated software, and good old fashion human expertise to meet our common goals and accelerate your sales
  • There is no catch, you get paid by your customers for your sales before you get our invoice
  • There is no limit on the amount of investment we will make in your digital advertising as long as it make business sense for the both of us!

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